Valdis Story


The fight between heaven and hell has just started



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Valdis Story is a platform, action and role playing game in which we control a young human who, after having discovered the truth of his lineage, will play a crucial role in the battle between angels and demons.

In terms of playability we can compare it with Castlevania for NDS, with lots of enemies and 2D platforms and a few rpg touches that give it a good feeling.

During the adventures we'll be able to jump and fight using the sword and spells.

These elements make Valdis Story to have a funny and amusing combat system that will make you play it really well.

You'll have to plan your strategy when fighting big enemies and that's funny. The game challenges you to do it well in order to win battles.

With no doubt, we recommend you to play and enjoy Valdis Story.

Demo limited to three levels.

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